Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I finally saw the trailer for the new "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET" movie. The first thing that spooked me was when I saw Michael Bay's name on the screen, but really--let's get down to the preview which I thought looked INCREDIBLE. It seems like maybe this movie might just have the power to break "the curse of the re-makes".

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last night, Tim and I (and friends) went to see the movie PANDORUM at our local movie theather. Before the movie starts, usually the little adds say "Please No Texting" or "Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone" during this film. I kid you not when I tell you that this young man talked throughout the entire picture. People complained and the ushers came and he stopped talking. As soon as they left, he went right back on his fucking cell phone. Tim turned around and asked him to go outside, but he ignored him. Also, parents--if you're child is not comfortable in watching a horror movie or is an infant who can't stop crying, please do us a favor and pay for a fucking babysitter! After the movie was over, I went to see the manager and complained. I was shocked when she apologized! I have never had that happen when I have complained about a person talking about a movie before. She gave us our tickets back and hoped we would give them another chance. Be honest, am I being a prick about all this?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I know that a lot of horror fans are looking forward to seeing the first offical preview to the new "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET" when ZOMBIE LAND opens up. For some reason, I think I have already seen a preview for this movie, but maybe I was drunk--who knows? Here's a few helpful hints (which I have given before in earlier posts) that might help make this a good movie.

1. Although I don't believe that he was ever labeled a child molester (as some fans have claimed), do try to remember that he was/is a child killer. By the time Freddy became a brand name, that part of his history was dropped.

2. Freddy is not Rip Taylor. I don't want to hear little jokes from Freddy that make me laugh. I want to see Freddy slice his fingers off and say "..This is God!", I don't want to see Freddy playing video games and say "Now this is playing with power!"

3. At no point should the character of Nancy become the helpless victim. She's tough. I've always thought that the best horror movies work when the actress can challenge the killer. Admit it, the best part of the original HALLOWEEN is when Jamie Lee Curtis is trapped in that closet and pokes Michael in the eye.

4. Although the remake of FRIDAY THE 13th was fun, that story had so many holes in it that you could fall through them. Keep Elm Street as simple as possible. If I remember correctly, we're not told how Freddy gains the power to enter our dreams (I believe that is revealed in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare), but the movie was so spooky, who had time to care?

5. The dreams should always be DARK. No ninja Freddy (ala Part 4), no Super Freddy (ala Part 5), and no Freddy turning into other people bullshit!

6.) Let's see as little of Freddy's face as possible.

7.) Vyktor and Alex--I expect the two of you to go into this movie with an open mind!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is Friday! I thought I'd share one of my favorite comic book covers with y'all! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Great news! One of my favorite artist is going to be drawing me an original commissioned piece of both Green Lantern and Sinestro! His name is Mike McKone and he has worked on TEEN TITANS, FANTASTIC FOUR, and SPIDERMAN. I can't wait to see it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


First of all, this is not the poster for the movie SORORITY ROW. The poster for that particular film just shows the girls laying on top of each other and I thought that it sucked compared to THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW poster (which still isn't great, but..). Tonight the boys and I saw SORORITY ROW and although it was not the greatest of films, it was a 1000 times better than HALLOWEEN 2. Each girl has a part: the shy one, the bitch, the nerd, etc), but I think that some girls were much better than others. This is a fun little "teenage date" movie, but will not be considered a horror classic.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today was my first day training at the comic book store. It went really well because the owner was really patient with me (and to be honest, the only problem is learning who is a subscriber and how to work the register). It was a lot of fun, but the best news of the day is that Paul Levitz will once again return to THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES! I hope the plan is to make this title great again. Just for fun, I'm going to give you my 10 favorite members (in no particular order):
1. Timber Wolf
2. Saturn Girl
3. Polar Boy
4. Cosmic Boy
5. Dream Girl
6. Brainiac 5
7. Shrinking Violet
8. Sensor Girl
9. Computo
10. Ferro

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, tomorrow I take my first little baby step into
the 'real world' again--being a cashier at the local comic
book store DARKSIDE COMICS. I'd be lying if I didn't tell
you that I was afraid, because I really am. My therapist and my mother think it will be good for me to get out of the house. They are starting me out with 4 hours a week and I get paid in "comics", so it should fun. Please pray for me tonight--that God helps me overcome my fears.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I just bought The Children of The Corn 25Th Anniversary Edition on blu-ray and I am loving it. There is a huge special features section and it is really good. Now I see that Syfy is doing their own version--which promises to be more faithful to Stephen King's short story, as the original movie made a lot of creative changes--like the couple and the two kids leaving town, when in King's version the couple is killed. Here's my problem, folks--are there no original horror ideas out there anymore? Halloween 2 sucked so bad, but I've read that they are now planning a Hallowen 3-D for next year. How? Why? I need answers people!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I hate fighting with my friend(s), because you seem to remember all of the bad things or bad situations. You never remember the all of the times that were good--like talking for hours on the phone, going out of town dancing, and just being there for each other.

Almost 10 years ago, I lost my best friend Pam. I had just graduated college and I thought that I was some huge superstar and started hanging with a different group. Pam and I had a huge fight and we stopped talking for 10 years. What I didn't realize was I had lost the person who had my back, who would fight for me, who allowed me to express my homosexuality. I left her behind like trash--for people who did none of those things for me.

Thanks to the "magic" of Facebook, an old friend of ours was able to re-connect us and I sent Pam a long letter asking for her forgiveness. When she responded, I felt that she was my best friend again. I'm just sorry that I missed out on so many things with her--the birth of her 3 children and my marriage to Tim--where she should have been "best woman". I just wish I hadn't been a fool.


I just cannot take one more crappy "scary movie" this summer. Tim was sweet enough to take me to see THE FINAL DESTINATION 3D tonight and it was a total piece of garbage! I know that THE FINAL DESTINATION movies aren't works of art--they're goofy fun, but the acting and gore was so weak. I didn't even see a trailer for anything scary. Doesn't anyone want to take a chance on some new ideas and screenplays?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today my mother and father sat me down to have a talk with me. My mom expressed her concern that I have getting very loud and argumentative with people. My dad says that from what he sees--it looks like I am looking for a fight. I was at a loss for words because in the past they've often told me to defend myself, instead of people walking all over me. My therapist believes that I am projecting my rage at people because in the past I never had a chance to. The funny thing is that I think she's right on target. I'm just so fucking sick of stupid people and I don't know when to shut up. I almost got into a fight with some stupid ass queen over nothing. It was an odd feeling. I wanted him to start something with me, so I could kick his ass all over the place. I don't want to be a Red Lantern. I just need to work through it.