Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


Last Saturday night, all of my gays were off doing something else and I had nothing to do. Tim suggested that we go to Target and buy the movie TWILIGHT on dvd. To be fair, I only read a few pages of the novel--because I found it to be very boring. The movie was actually okay, but I still don't see why there is so much hype around this series.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Tim took me to see RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN this afternoon. I was surprised that I enjoyed as much as I did, because I love the original movies. The acting was not as bad as I would have thought it to be and the special effects were fine. I was even pleased with Dwayne Johnson's acting, but sadly he keeps his shirt on for the entire movie.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last House

I enjoyed the re-make of Last House on the Left. The rape scenes in this movie make it (at times) incredibly hard to watch. I thought the acting was good, although to be honest, the original killers scared me a great deal more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Holy crap! This very cute guy asked me to meet him for drinks tonight. Look at him Quilter! Isn't he cute? Might I mention that he is 25 years old (and I am 36)! I must be dreaming..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the late 90's there were two really fun clubs in Bakersfield--the Casablanca and the Rainbow Room. You went to the Casa on Friday nights just to hang out and relax. There was never a cover charge on either Friday or Saturday, unless they had a drag queen show--then you were charged $5.00 for that night. It was practically the same for the Rainbow Room--there was never any cover on Friday night, but they did charge $5.00 on Saturday night because the club was packed with people. I remember having so many good times at both places. Eventually, the Rainbow Room closed and the Casablanca moved into a bigger place with new owners.
This new Casa was very different from the old one. They charged a cover price of $5.00 on both Friday and Saturday nights--even if the place was totally empty. The music also changed from Top 40/Dance to this really crappy rap music that is played for the entire night, and most of the staff working there are quite rude (although I should add the Ruben and Michael go out of there way to make you feel welcome). The boys wanted to go out and party last Friday and even though we were going to the Casa I was still looking forward to it. As we waited in line to get in, I noticed there was a sign posted "$ 7.00 Cover". Now, believe me when I say $5.00 is too much for this bar, but you've gotta be fucking kidding me with $7.00! I paid and walked up and joined my best friends Juan and Alex. I said "Are they fucking kidding me about this $7.00 cover?". Alex said that he didn't pay $7.00--he and Juan only paid $5.00! I got angry at this scam and marched my way over to the cashier. I told her that she only charged my friends $5.00 and payed her seven. Right away she got angry with me! She told me that my friends came early and that's why they got to pay $5.00. I told her that I have been with them all night and she charged me $7.00. She then said to me "Well, gather up all of your friends and have them come back here so they can give me two dollars!". I rolled my eyes and said I wasn't going to be doing that. I told her again that my friends only paid $5.00 and I was overcharged. I think she was starting to realize that I was going to become a thorn in her side, so she rudely threw the two dollars at me! Folks, this is not how you run a night club. I really wish that someone in Bakersfield would open a professional gay night club, in order to show the Casa how they need to start running their business.