Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last night, Tim and I (and friends) went to see the movie PANDORUM at our local movie theather. Before the movie starts, usually the little adds say "Please No Texting" or "Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone" during this film. I kid you not when I tell you that this young man talked throughout the entire picture. People complained and the ushers came and he stopped talking. As soon as they left, he went right back on his fucking cell phone. Tim turned around and asked him to go outside, but he ignored him. Also, parents--if you're child is not comfortable in watching a horror movie or is an infant who can't stop crying, please do us a favor and pay for a fucking babysitter! After the movie was over, I went to see the manager and complained. I was shocked when she apologized! I have never had that happen when I have complained about a person talking about a movie before. She gave us our tickets back and hoped we would give them another chance. Be honest, am I being a prick about all this?


Wonder Man said...

no, you should've snatch the phone from him. And I saw the movie, I thought it was a mix of The descent and Event Horizon

Christopher said...

[gay gasp!]

So the 2 most important people in your life have been relegated to the classification of "friends".

Hmmph...and on my latest blog post I brag about how big Tim's balls are and how large your mouth is...and I even have your names listed in the post...[sigh]

Time for me to weep!


ps: Viktor's right about The Descent & Event Horizon mix.