Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I know that a lot of horror fans are looking forward to seeing the first offical preview to the new "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET" when ZOMBIE LAND opens up. For some reason, I think I have already seen a preview for this movie, but maybe I was drunk--who knows? Here's a few helpful hints (which I have given before in earlier posts) that might help make this a good movie.

1. Although I don't believe that he was ever labeled a child molester (as some fans have claimed), do try to remember that he was/is a child killer. By the time Freddy became a brand name, that part of his history was dropped.

2. Freddy is not Rip Taylor. I don't want to hear little jokes from Freddy that make me laugh. I want to see Freddy slice his fingers off and say "..This is God!", I don't want to see Freddy playing video games and say "Now this is playing with power!"

3. At no point should the character of Nancy become the helpless victim. She's tough. I've always thought that the best horror movies work when the actress can challenge the killer. Admit it, the best part of the original HALLOWEEN is when Jamie Lee Curtis is trapped in that closet and pokes Michael in the eye.

4. Although the remake of FRIDAY THE 13th was fun, that story had so many holes in it that you could fall through them. Keep Elm Street as simple as possible. If I remember correctly, we're not told how Freddy gains the power to enter our dreams (I believe that is revealed in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare), but the movie was so spooky, who had time to care?

5. The dreams should always be DARK. No ninja Freddy (ala Part 4), no Super Freddy (ala Part 5), and no Freddy turning into other people bullshit!

6.) Let's see as little of Freddy's face as possible.

7.) Vyktor and Alex--I expect the two of you to go into this movie with an open mind!


Alex said...

This movie is going to be another steaming piece of crap!

Wonder Man said...

I will, but I will find the script first. My USC skills will help get the script before the movie comes out.