Monday, August 24, 2009


Please don't turn on me, but I think I HATE WEST HOLLYWOOD! We (Juan, Alex, and myself) went down there on Saturday to meet up with two of Juan's friends--who I might add that Alex and I don't care for, but they were a last minute surprise. I was feeling pretty good about myself that night--I've lost a lot of weight with Jenny Craig and have gone from a size 42 jeans to a size 36, but I wasn't aware that a size 36 is still considered fat in West Hollywood. Juan hated the fact that I wore my THUNDERCATS belt buckle, but I didn't care! I have to be myself and I happen to love the THUNDERCATS.

We ended up going to that club called RAGE (as we did before) and the cover charge was $10.00--which I am told is cheap for West Hollywood. Alex and I were under the impression that we were going to OIL CAN HARRY'S for disco night (where the cove is $5.00) in Studio City, but Juan insisted we go to West Hollywood. I'm not the biggest fan of the music they played there and although I like Madonna (mostly her early stuff)--I think her latest song is pretty weak, but the gay boys loved it.

Juan's friends were very interesting--one of them looked like CHICKEN LITTLE and the other looked like Igoo (from The HURCULOIDS) and by interesting, I do mean dipshits. Chicken Little tried to grab my crouch 3 times. While dancing, he rubbed his ass up against my dick--and I pushed him off of me. He said "Wow, you must really have a small dick because I couldn't feel you getting hard!" and I responded that guys who shave their bodies and look like CHICKEN LITTLE have never turned me on, he looked over to Juan and told Juan that I was a cold bitch.

I couldn't wait to get the HELL out of West Hollywood (where everyone looks like they are fucking clones of each other!) and away from Igoo and Chicken Little. I might also add that we had to leave RAGE because the hottest Go-Go boy in the world knew Igoo and Chicken Little stormed off when he saw them talking.

So, when the night finally ended and we came home--I posted on my FACEBOOK page that West Hollywood really isn't all that and Igoo had the nerve to respond that "It depends who you go with I think. Chicken Little and I had fun!" and I snapped! What the fuck is wrong with me? I responded back saying "Wow! I thought you and Chicken Little were filming TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND they way he stormed out of the club and he saw you talking to the HOT Go-Go Boy and we had to chase after him!" Fucker. His only response was that it was a minor misunderstanding. Uh-huh. Sure it was.

Being gay is just like being in high school all over again. I didn't fit in then and I still don't. I'm proud to be a THUNDERCAT instead of some fucking clone.

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Wonder Man said...

It is a mess, I hate it too. But I still go to show those chickens who's running it