Saturday, August 29, 2009


I just came home from seeing Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. I went into this movie with an open mind--in fact, I was curious to see how the characters had developed since the last film. I thought that since the original HALLOWEEN 2 took place in a hospital, Zombie was going to be give us a new twist (and yes, I did like his version of HALLOWEEN) and introduce us to brand new characters and setting. I'm sad to say that HALLOWEEN 2 is a complete waste of time and money.
First, let me tell you what I liked about the movie (and yes, I am stealing your format Vyktor!):
1. Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor-Compton can actually act! I really think that these two girls have the potential to be more than "Scream Queens", because I felt they were 'real'.
2. I found Scout Taylor-Compton to be very creepy in the final scene of the movie.
3. I also thought...wait! That was the only thing I enjoyed about this film. I shall now begin to tear it apart.
1. I love Sherie Moon Zombie! She has such range and depth that I could see her in non-horror roles, but I just thought she had no place in the movie and the whole bit with the horse was incredibly stupid.
2.There was no reason to replace Daeg Faech as young Michael Myers. I felt in the first movie that Daeg actually had evil in his eyes, and this new kid couldn't sell it. I read that the producers thought he was looking too old to play the part and has grown several inches since the last movie Um, isn't the adult Michael Myers a giant?
3. Most all of the kills were boring and pointless. Laurie has two new friends in her life, but they're not developed at all, in fact, I didn't care when they died.
4. Doctor Loomis is a complete asshole and adds nothing to the movie. By the way, he teleports from his house/hotel to the scene of the crime, because he shows up instantly.
5. I felt like we never saw Michael! He was always hidden in the shadows or had his hood on.
6. Although none of my friends found this funny, I laughed every single time they showed Michael walking back to Haddonfield. I mean, c'mon--he's gotta be a little tired at some point!
7. The movie needed a "hero" and there isn't one. Laurie is still the victim (which I am okay with), but it would have been nice to see someone take Michael on. The original Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) started to become a little bit of a fighter in the original HALLOWEEN 2. It just would have been nice to have a character to root for.
8. I'm glad this is the end of Zombie's Halloween movies. The first ten minutes of the movie were fun, so perhaps he should have gone with the whole hospital bit.


Wonder Man said...

good review, I just wish Rob would've thought it a little more

Alex said...

I KNEW it was going to such HARD!!!