Monday, August 24, 2009


Since my dear friend Vyktor is the only one who reads my blog (besides my best friends), I thought I would tell you a little story that happened to me last WEDNESDAY at my local comic book store. I've been going to this store since I was a teenager and I feel that I am really a part of the "comic store family". The owners and workers are very pro-gay and I love going there to buy things.

As most of you know, I'm on a ton of medication--which I try not to take if I know I am going to be driving, but that Wednesday I just wasn't thinking and took my pills. I drove to the comic book store and felt a little dizzy, so I asked the owner if he didn't mind me sitting on the couch for a bit. Of course he didn't mind, so we chatted back and forth as people came into buy their comic books.
There were about 5 people in the store (counting myself) and one of the customers said to the owner "...Brown and orange? Why are you wearing those FAGGOTY (I have no idea as to how to spell 'fag-it-t' colors?" The owners eyes got rather large and he said to the guy "Hey, watch what you say! A lot of my customers are gay and I want them to feel welcome here."
Now mind you, I wasn't the only gay man in the store--there was a 30 year old guy there who claims to be bi-sexual, but he pretend he didn't hear them. So, without missing a beat and pointing out myself, I said "Oh Chuck (the owner), don't worry about it! This is one fag who FIGHTS! And by the way, the color brown is in style this year!" The guy must have been able to sense the anger in my eyes because he quickly paid for his books and left.
I wasn't done. I then went up to the bi-sexual guy and said "Hey! Thanks for your help back there!", and he responded that he wasn't gay--he was bi-sexual! I said to him, "Oh, I'm so sorry. When it comes to sex and going to West Hollywood to party and fuck around you're gay! When it comes down to standing outside with a sign that says "No On 8" or helping someone out, you're heterosexual! Let's face it, you're 30 years old and if you still think that you're bi-sexual let me be the first person to say that the only thing that is "bi" about you is that you are all "by" yourself!" I got up and left.
After I cooled off at home, I called the owner of the store up and apologized for causing a scene in his store. He said that he had no problem with me doing what I did and not to worry about it. I can admit that I was in the wrong for getting loud and I should not attacked that bi-sexual guy, because all he was doing was buying his comics in peace. I was just so fucking angry.

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Wonder Man said...

I feel you... Hey, when you come to L.A., let me know