Monday, April 7, 2008


Dear Quilter,

Ah, what a weekend! I think I have finally begun to realize that our story is almost coming to an end. I use the word "almost" because the end will be when I will be able to look at you and laugh at the pathetic mess you are. You're a poor role model for your son becuase you're a liar and a coward, so hopefully your ex-wife will be able to introduce him to a proper male role model one day. I hope Bi-Sexual Boyfriend will have enough common sense to leave your anal leaking ass before you begin to corrupt his kid. All this time I thought that you were some poor victim, but now I know why he'd rather fuck women than fuck you--you're an evil person (while I am a bitter queen, eh?). At this point, I'm thinking that there is a reason why your mom abandoned you when you were little--because she knew that you had no soul and weren't worth loving. Oh, sure! You're financially successful and (at least I thought) attractive, but in the end, you'll end up all alone. Not all the money in the world will be able to buy you real love, but you know that. I'm lucky. I have great friends and the possibility of finding love again with a person who has never stopped loving me. Remember Quilter, that HELLFIRE LASTS FOREVER.

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Christopher said...

I want to hear more about the leakage...are we talking skid marks on the undies, or is it more like: "don't you dare sit your leaking ass on my white leather arm chair, wearing nothing but your gaw-damn thread bare boxer briefs...I don't care how easy it is to clean up, the sight of it makes me sick!"

ps: Paul told me how you tried to rape him Friday night, but all he had to do was say the Quilter's name 3 times (like Beetlejuice) and your wang went limp!...nice try!