Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday, my pal Juan and I went to the LONG BEACH COMIC CONVENTION. I must say that I was rather impressed with this first time effort and everyone was extremely kind. It was very nice to once again see writer Marc Andreyko, who wrote the graphic novel adaption of the film TRICK 'r TREAT. He kindly autographed the novel for me and was shocked when I told him that I am looking forward to seeing the film for the first time on DVD this Tuesday. Everyone who has seen this film has told me that it is excellent, so why didn't we get it in Bakersfield? Why did THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN play for only 3 days? I have no idea of how the industry works, but has to be a crowd that is willing to see original ideas when it come to horror--even if the movie sucks.


Wonder Man said...

you should have told me you were there, we could have met.

well hopefully we will met soon.

oh, I'm seeing TrT tomorrow at the New Bev

Christopher said...

We are destined to become best friends

Alex said...

Oh really?