Friday, October 2, 2009


I will admit right now that I am stealing this brilliant idea from my pal Vyktor. Not in any order, but these are the top 20 things I am currently hating at the moment. Let's do it!

1. Most of the members of the Avengers titles

2. Attitude from people in West Hollywood

3. Madonna doing another greatest hits album

4. Smoking

5. Project Runway not being on Bravo

6. X-Men

7. Horror movies that should be rated "R", but are made "PG-13"

8. FEARnet not being carried by my cable company

9. Toby Keith

10. Kathy Griffin's book

11. People who think comics are for children

12. Tight shirts on skinny men

13. Tight shirts on heavy men

14. Transformer 2

15. Toy collectors who get crazy while in line for a toy

16. Hardcore Rap

17. Not having a good gay bar in Bakersfield, CA.

18. Rachel Zoe

19. The new Melrose Place

2o. Yes on Prop 8


Wonder Man said...

love your list

Christopher said...

Really? I forgot to mention Ryan Seacrest..