Sunday, February 15, 2009


What the fuck is up with people texting during movies? Tonight Paul and I went to see FRIDAY THE 13TH (yes, again!) and the theater was
packed with people. The girl in front of me was
texting every 5 seconds and the light from her
phone was distracting. Finally, I leaned over
and said "You know, that is really distracting.
Please stop using your phone." She didn't answer
me but I knew she was calling me every name in the
book. People--stay at home if you want to:
* Talk on your cell phone
* Quit texting
* You can't control your children
* You cannot control your bladder and have
to get up and do to the bathroom every five
fucking seconds

I'm sure if everyone follows the above rules we
will be okay. Thank you.

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Wonder Man said...

I have snatched a cell phone from a kid before during Dreamgirls