Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The Quilter is up to his old tricks and here's the letter:

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass the test. You will next time. Hard to believe your parents have been married for 50 years. (Actually, I am surprised to!)That is amazing to me. Why are you surprised I talked to Sal about you? I have to be able to talk to him about people that are in my life. (Um, Bi-Sexual Boyfriend hates me!)I'm smiling about cuddling on snow days. I'm surprised to hear you say you drove by my condo on saturday. (Um, my doctor's office is on that street...)I was at a Christmas party. (With Creepy Chris Bob!)I wasn't going to tell you this because it makes me feel like a fool but....last weekend when I knew you were celebrating your bday a OCH I wanted to go and just walk in a dance with you. (You didn't have the balls, 'cause I didn't see you!)I had eaten dinner with chris and we saw a movie. (Poor Quilter! Chris Bob is CREEPY)He dropped me off a little after 9. I changed my clothes and started to drive down. I got to the grapevine and drove back. (Bullshit!)I regret it now but I was more worried about the shit you would take from a few of your friends (alex excluded) than anything. (Well, Alex isn't your biggest fan!)I should have just kept driving. One of these days though we will both stop worring about what everyone else thinks and do what we want. (I've been doing that since I was teenager) I feel so stupid for telling you that. I don't like seeing the "Chris doesn't give a fuck" on your page.(At times I don't!) What is that all about? Who's ass do I need to kick for you? LOL Just get on the treadmill and run out your frustrations so they don't eat at you. Thats what has really helped me. I hope you are okay! (I'm sure that you don't mean that!)


Paul said...

He calls that apartment he lives in a condo? My gosh, Chris you really need to come by my condo soon so you can watch that show I recorded that you were wanting to see ;)At least his letters are entertaining.

Wonder Man said...

i agree with Paul