Monday, December 8, 2008


The Quilter and I haven't spoken in two weeks, which has led me to believe that he was no longer interested in tormenting me and had finally gotten back together with Bi-Sexual Boyfriend. Last night when I logged on to my MYSPACE account there was a letter from him which I present to you now:

Hey there. How are you? (crappy)Did you get your test results back from you test for the county?(Yup, I didn't pass) Im sure you did great. Hope all is going well for you. (Um, it takes all of my energy to get out of bed in the morning)It looks like you had fun at your birthday party at oil can's. (I really did enjoy myself)Can you guess what picture bothers me the most? (Not that it really matters)(I have no idea, but you are correct--it doesn't matter!) I think Im going to go and surprise Nathan for Christmas and fly up. Dont know yet tho. I hope your mom is doing well.(She's not, but that's life!) Work and life have been busy as usual. Im really trying to find the balance and have some sort of life. (Ah, I saw that when I fell into the clever trap that Creepstopher set for me. You guys don't look cute together.)It is very hard because some of the best times of my life were spending time with you and alex. I really miss those times! (You left us. We never left you.)Enough with the sentimental right? (Please!)I had a long and interesting talk with sal about you and I last week.(Why would Bi-Sexual Boyfriend want to talk about me?) The only questions that remains in my mind is WHY ------'- --- ---- -- -- ------? WHY --- --- ---- -- ---- -- ---- --- ---- ----- ---- ---? I really hope that I can find the answers.(Why, what?) I need to find and understand the answers to the questions. I want to be okay and I want you to be okay. I hope someday we can both be okay. (I will never be able to love you again.)You know how I feel deep down and I will always feel that way! Please know you are always in my thoughts! (Yeah, thanks for that!)

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