Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Tonight was the first meeting of the Bakersfield Gay Men's Rap Group. The first thing I said was that I hated the name of the group--and at our next meeting we are going to vote on what we should be called. My suggestions are : THE STONEWALL SOCIETY, THE BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS, or CHRIS AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS. I've never participated in such a group and I really am doubtful that this is going to work because everyone has their own agenda and their own ideas on what makes a group. One of the guys in the group was told by a member of the Bakersfield Lesbian Rap Group to remind us that we are their for community and not a bath house. What the fuck? That was so incredibly rude of this person to say.

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Christopher said...

Were the snacks any good...yeah, I know...always about food with me!