Sunday, December 21, 2008


There were some pretty bad horror movies this year. I've decided to narrow them down to 3 movies that I just HATED:
PROM NIGHT: This one should have worked. The lead was strong, the soundtrack was decent, and the original Prom Night is a disco/camp classic. This one fell the second they turned it into a PG-13 dud. The killer was her teacher? Not even someone in a scary mask, but her science teacher?
HOUSE: I have no clue as to what a 'christian' horror movie even means. It was rated "R" for no reason at all. Sucked!
THE HAPPENING: The previews looked great, but the movie was one long joke. Mark Walberg was as believable as me dating a woman. Killer plants? Terrible.


Wonder Man said...

I may have to do a list tomorrow

Christopher said...

I would so love that!