Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is Quilter's birthday. Before everyone throws up, I called to wish him a very happy birthday. Our conversation was civil--he insisted upon telling me how fantastic his trip to Las Vegas was (where he claims to have danced until 5 a.m.) and how incredibly busy he is at work. I even asked him how Bi-Sexual Boyfriend was and he said "it is what it is" (I have no clue what that even means). He even expressed to me that he would like us all to go to Oil Can Harry's and go dancing some weekend. Oh, he also threw in how attractive people find him and how so many people tell him that he's quite the catch. Yeah, I am serious.


Wonder Man said...

love the picture

Anonymous said...

I totally barfed all over myself with that last part...Come on if anything he's a big smelly fish. Hows OCH supposed to work for him when the whole group cant stand him. Anyways, he gets upset when he's not the center of attention and we all know everyone will be focused on me! ;)
Its your birthday coming up. Dont ruin it with his drama. Your going to have fun!!!