Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paul's Birthday Party

Although I know all of you love to hear about my bitching about the Quilter--I thought I would give it a rest for the evening and talk about something that I am really looking forward to in October: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! Last year Tim and I took Paul there to celebrate his birthday and we're doing it again this year for his birthday-- only this time the whole gang is gonna be there! The guest list includes myself, Tim, Alex, Paul, Chris P. (Paul's other half), and Chris "I love 21 year old guys because I have no self-esteem" Lowe! Oh, wait! Fuck him! He's not going!

I actually prefer Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night to Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Horror Haunt for many different reasons:
1. Universal Studios want to scare you, not make you laugh like Knott's.
2. Universal Studios makes you feel like you are in a horror movie! No place is safe! Knott's has
'scare areas' where you can expect there to be chills. That's boring!
3. Universal Studios has Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface! Knott's used to have Elvira, but now has crap. Freddy scares me more than crap!
4. The Jurassic Park ride is sooo fucking scary in the dark!!
5. The actors working at Universal Studios have no problem letting you know that they are homosexual. Just ask Paul about last year and the 'ghoul' who came on to him!


Christopher said...

Hmmm...sounds like Paul & I are about to get into it over this "Ghoul"...I guess you & I will have to make out now, just to get back at him!

Seriously: I can't wait to go!!

Wonder Man said...

I love the studios. We are hoping to shut it down for USC

Alex said...

My new Afro will be at full mast for this....

Christopher said...

Christopher--We totally don't need a reason to smooch, but let's use this as an excuse! If it makes you feel better, the Ghoul making a pass at Paul was half-dead and had horrible skin!
Vyktor--Why don't you and your boyfriend join us? It would be a blast to finally meet up!
Alex--As long as that is the only thing at full mast...