Sunday, July 20, 2008


You don't have to be one of the fucking Hardy Boys to know that yours truly has been depressed quite a lot lately. I don't know why it is a battle that I seem to lose quite often, but this evening I had a HUGE discovery.

I have the power to make myself happy. You see, all of my life I have depended on others for my happiness and that's just too much fucking pressure for anybody to deal with. I am not happy, but the power to be happy is within me. I just need to tap into that power and change my world.


Wonder Man said...

I agree with you

Greg said...

You got that right, Chris. We can only rely on ourselves to make us happy. Sorry to hear about the thing with the Quilter...and your heart, and all...but now you know the secret to help you move on past this to better times.

Be good to yourself. Have some fun. Laugh at everything...drop your annoyance, heartache, hatred or what-have-you off a pier somewhere...and make your own kind of music!

Meanwhile, thanks for the Hardy pic...all these years, I was remembering Parker Stevenson as WAY hotter than he was on that show, apparently.