Friday, May 2, 2008

Yo Joe!

God, I miss G.I. Joe! _______ was really sweet and bought me several action figures at Target. So, I thought I'd make a short list of my favorite team members for shits and giggles!

TOP 5 G.I. Joe members

1. Flint--I always thought he was so cute (and much cooler than Duke).
2. Snake Eyes--everyone loves the bad ass ninja character.
3. Mutt--Because his action figure came with Junkyard and I thought he was crazy.
4. Spirit--He just kicked ass and I loved when he'd fight Storm Shadow.
5. Cover Girl--Hardly used, I thought she took a backseat to Lady J and Scarlett.

Top 5 Cobra members

1. The Baroness--She was an evil bitch.
2. Cobra Commander--I'm sorry, I always thought he was gay! Love him!
3. Zartan-I loved how his action figure would turn colors!
4. Storm Shadow--Ninja!
5. Tomax and Xamot--Cute evil twins!


Wonder Man said...

Flint was cute and I always wanted to be Cobra commander

Alex said...

I wanted to be Destro...I don't care what the moviemakers say; Destro was BLACK!