Monday, May 5, 2008


With news that an AVENGERS movie in the works, every single fanboy is putting together their version of the team they'd like to see on the big screen. With that, here is my version:

CAPTAIN AMERICA: C'mon! That was a given! He IS the Avengers and is one of my favorite members!

SCARLET WITCH: My #1 favorite Avenger, she's perfect for the team--and a possible storyline could be her attraction to...

THE VISION: I would love to see Vizh in the movie in his classic costume and powers!

THOR: I can only imagine how hot he is going to look on film!

HAWKEYE: Every team needs the cocky, normal joe! Hawk rocks!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Although not one of my favorites, she would add a bit of class and power to the team.

WASP: Yes! She has to be here too!

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Wonder Man said...

hey we did the same story, haha, but i agree, Wanda has to be in the movie