Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm sorry.
For the past few weeks, you all have been listening to me cry and bitch about the Quilter and Bi-Sexual Boyfriend. You've all been so supportive of me by talking to me on the phone, taking me out to breakfast, and checking up on me--especially since the drama of last Friday night. I have to admit that this has been a really hard chapter in my life: I'm dealing with the return of an evil co-worker, my mother's breast cancer, my lawsuits for my back and against my job, and sadly, my troubled relationship with ______.
I'm no saint. I have made mistakes in my relationship with _____, but have been nothing but honest with him in regards to my relationship with the Quilter. I had thought that after 10 years that I no longer wanted to be with ______, but _____ would like to see if maybe we can make things work and give our relationship another try and I am willing to do that. Not because the Quilter didn't want me, but because I still feel like I could learn to love ______ again if we both can work on it. He's a good man and those are really hard to find.
So, I'm sorry for being nasty and airing my dirty laundry for the world to read. That's not a reflection of my true character--I'd like to think that I am funny, sweet, friendly, and kind. I refuse to let the Quilter take that from me, becuase life is too damn short to waste on hate. I am blessed to have the amazing Tim, fantastic friends, great parents, and the uncanny ability to realize when enough is enough. I can't promise that I won't bitch about people or things again, but I will promise to start being in a better mood and stop dwelling on my hatred of the Quilter and Bi-Sexual Boyfriend.
Jeremy, for what it is worth, I forgive you and offer my appologies for making you the topic of my blogs. I hope that one day, you'll find the happiness that I always wished for you. Although I doubt that we will ever meet again, I hope that you will have a wonderful life and think fondly of the many good times that we had becuase those memories will stay with me forever. I have to forgive you Jeremy, becuase I have to forgive myself in order to move on. I really loved you and still probably do. God bless.


The Realtor of Long Beach said...

Life certainly goes on and so will you...forgiveness really is the best way to move on and be happy. Sometimes a little payback feels good, but watch out for that dammed karma!

Projekt R3volution said...

Like I've always told you no matter what you have a wonderful group of people that care about you. I'm glad to see your finally coming out of the gloom of the past few weeks! Glad I could be there for you when you needed it. You have always been there for me in my times of darkness and I appreciate your friendship so very much!

Happy thoughts!