Friday, March 28, 2008


Dear Quilter,

I came to a realization that our relationship was over after you publicly humiliated me in front of your parents, employees, and your ex-boyfriend. Telling me that I needed to leave right away and go back to my car was so hurtful, but it really didn't seem to phase you as you said it. Thank God that I had Paul and Alex to talk to as I cried while I drove myself home, becuase I was quite upset. When I finally came home and composed myself, I realized that I was being foolish. You weren't good enough for me. You never were.

Oh, believe me! I am FAR from perfect. I've been in a relationship for 10 years that has been loveless and often lonely. You often told me how you never wanted to be a home wrecker (although that never stopped you from having sex with me, did it?) and that you felt guilty about hurting _______. What's funny is that you told me that you were no longer in love with your bi-sexual ex-boyfriend (although at this point, who knows what he was) but you were still fucking us both. The only thing is that you were fucking me over.

I fell for all of your bullshit. Saying that you wanted me to be your "duck feeder" who feed the ducks with you when you were old, or seeing your son graduate high school. Yup, I fell for it. I even told myself that you meant it when you told me that you loved me--even though I knew you were still fucking the bi-sexual ex-boyfriend. You told me you needed some space, so you didn't not return my many phone calls and you didn't see me for a week. Fuck! The signs were so obvious that Stevie Wonder fuckin' saw them!

I'm stupid. I still thought that you cared for me, but I realized that it was over. Alex told me that your grandmother was ill, so I wanted to come over and say that I was sorry. I also wanted to tell you that I wanted to be your friend, but you told me to just get in my car and leave. Oh! You did say you'd call me later that night and you did.

Only this time, I was ready.

My eyes were open and I was going to unleash all of my HATE on you.


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