Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just wanted to update all of you on how our protesting of PROP 8 went last week. First of all, I thought it was wonderful that we had more than 100 people to show their support on No On 8, although it seems to be the same people at every single rally. I suppose some people in the community just like to sit at home while others fight for them, but who am I to judge?

There weren't very many people booing us this time around although one car did shout "Men love women!" to which some tiny lesbian shouted "Fuck men!" and was quickly attacked a woman who claims to be "Bakersfield's Oldest Lesbian"--and I challenged her on that as I said my father is from Lesbos and is 84, thus making him"Bakersfield's Oldest Lesbian". She didn't find that as funny as I did, but maybe my humor is not for everyone.

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Wonder Man said...

Sounds like fun, I love a protest