Sunday, October 18, 2009


First of all, let me begin by saying that I did not go to GAY PRIDE this year and that says quite a lot because one of my best friends Juan Cerda was involved in planning the event. I was told it was very nice, and I'm actually sorry that I didn't go.I did go to THE CASA and let me tell you that my experience there was not a good one. First of all, THE CASA has always had the policy of getting in free before 10 pm. My friend and I arrived there at 9:30 pm and I noticed that the people in front of me were paying. The cashier told that they were charging $10.00 admission tonight in honor of Pride. So, no matter what time you arrived--you were paying $10.00 to get in. The Casa is normally priced $7.00, so I then asked the cashier if the extra $3.00 was going to a local gay and lesbian charity and I was told "no". So where did that $3.00 go? It certainly didn't go to Ruben (the hardest and sweetest working bartender I have ever seen in my life) or to Michael (who keeps the place clean). There was no air conditioning--so it was hotter than hell in there, so it certainly didn't go there. I'll tell you where it went--into the pocket books of the people who own the CASA. Being the only gay and lesbian bar in town, they were able to make an extra profit on a very special day, which makes me sick to my stomach. The CASA isn't even worth $7 let alone $10, so they made a ton of extra money on Saturday.At past gay and lesbian "events", THE RAINBOW ROOM let people who had wristbands from events get into THE RAINBOW ROOM for free. Why do we continue to support an establishment that basically just fucked us for $3 extra dollars? I'm no longer going to THE CASA, which is sad because I have made a lot of great people there, but last Saturday pissed me off. Shame on them.

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