Thursday, August 13, 2009


As we get closer to the release date of HALLOWEEN 2, my best friend Alex was telling me that he prefers the John Carpenter version of Lori instead of Rob Zombie's version. I really thought the actress in Zombie's movie seemed more realistic. I could see that girl being innocent, but still hip enough to hang out with two popular high school girls. She had personality that didn't seem fake to me. John Carpenter's Lori is just way to goody goody for me to believe those 2 girls would ever be friends with her. C'mon, the popular cheerleader is going to be best friends with the school nerd? I don't think so.


Wonder Man said...

I agree, I hope this version is good. Perhaps it will be like Satan's Rejects

Wonder Man said...

Devil's Rejects

Alex said...

It is going to be one steaming piece of s***!