Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As most of you know, I love horror movies. I always have and probably always will. Just give me a slasher with a hockey mask, a cursed house on a hill, or some sinster monsters--I will be the first one there to see the film and let you know how I feel about it. I don't think the year is starting off too well. DRAG ME TO HELL was fun, but it really wasn't too scary. I did enjoy THE ORPHAN (that little girl should get an Oscar for her role), but what else does the future hold for us?
1. The Collector
2. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2
3 The Final Destination 3-D
4. The Stepfather
5. The Hole 3-D
6. The Carriers
7. Jennifer's Body
8. Night of The Demons
9. District 9 (which I thought was sci-fi..)
10. Trick R Treat
The only one that seems interesting is Trick R Treat. Am I wrong?


Wonder Man said...

no you are right!!! I've seen it and it is glorious

Mighty Kwan said...

District 9 is Horror?? I thought it was Sci-Fi too! Guess I'll find out when I go see it this weekend!