Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last Saturday night I went with the boys to Bakersfield's newest gay bar "902" or "The Beach Club"--shit, I don't think that bar even has a name yet. I had a few drinks and danced to quite a few songs, when Alex and I thought we would make sure that Juan wasn't getting into any trouble. He was seated at a table with quite a few guys who were all very friendly. After some conversation we discovered that we shared a mutual (former)friend and one of the guys at the table realized who we were. To this potential new friend, we had become THE LETHAL LEGION in a matter of minutes. Alex (Black Devil) was the evil intellectual one, Paul (The Unforgiven) was the bitch who refused to believe in second chances, and Juan (The New Kid) became the young guy who blindly follows us around. I should add that I was quite lost while this guy was talking about his friend. I had no clue what was going on, until Black Devil said the friends name again (for the sake of this story he will be given a new code name): THE CHICKEN-HAWK! The best part was when this guy finally figured out who I was. Yes, Bald Bastard had told you many things about me and you didn't know what to believe. This guy discovered that I was the one he should fear the most because of everything he was told. He was told that I was crazy, a bully, and a liar. He told us that Bald Bastard tried to get a restraining order put on me, that I was bullying him over the internet (well, that's true!) and that my former relationship with Quilter was all in my head. I thought I would get upset or at least, feel something painful--but I didn't. I knew the truth about the situation and didn't feel the need to explain my past to someone I don't even know. That's really good progress for me and I am proud of myself. To be fair to the rest of the Legion, I too need a new name. I will have to think of one. Suggestions?