Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Many years ago, my best friend Alex and I had a fight/disagreement. Our friendship didn't end badly--it just came to an end. Because of our fight, I didn't invite him to my commitment ceremony in Las Vegas (and obviously, he wasn't my best man--although my mother made a point that he should have been) and we didn't speak for maybe 2 years. Of course I missed him, but I was too stupid to call him first. Thankfully, Alex was the bigger person and called me out of the blue and slowly our friendship developed again and I think we're now closer than ever.
Yesterday, Alex told me that he ran into Creepy Chris Bob while going to work. Creepy Chris Bob told him that he was "..glad all of the drama was over and hoped that things could return back to normal" becuase he missed the group. As my loyal readers know--Creepy Chris Bob made a play for the Quilter after I asked him not to pursue that. I told him I would be very uncomfortable, but he chose to chase after Quiter anyway. I later discovered that Creepy Chris Bob was using MySpace as a forum to make fun of me, and of course, I had to use all of my coven's power to teach Creepy Chris Bob a lesson--which resulted in his sister in-law threatning to call my work and tell them I was harassing Creepy Chris Bob. I told her to do what she had to do, and naturally she didn't do shit.
My question is why are we able to work out our problems with some and not give a crap about others? Creepy Chris Bob will never be welcomed in my home, nor would my friends be accepting of him--so why in the hell would he want to be invited back? I don't understand people.

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