Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Fox and The Hound was the hottest movie to see when I was in the third grade. Everyone in my class seemed to have seen it, except for me. I kept begging my dad to take me and one night he finally gave in and told my mom to load the station wagon up, because the family was going to the Crest Drive-In to see the movie!
When we got to the drive-in, my older brothers were talking about how scary the movie and how there was supposed to be a lot of nudity. My mother asked my dad what kind of Disney movie had nudity and he responded that we were going to see AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. I freaked out! This wasn't the movie I wanted to see! My dad said that he thought that this was the movie I had asked him to take me to and said that were staying.
Magic happened that night. My father gave me something wonderful, because I fell in love with horror that night. It was a wonderful feeling and it has never left me. I love being scared. It makes me sad that I was unable to see THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN in Bakersfield. Oh, it came to town--the dollar theater! It wasn't even here a week. It might have been magic for some little boy and his father, which makes me sad.
I love you, Dad. Thank you for never taking me to see THE FOX AND THE HOUND.

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Wonder Man said...

That was nice, hopefully you will get to see it