Sunday, June 15, 2008


Don't be mad at me.
I talked to the Quilter yesterday.
I know that this doesn't shock the 4 of you who even bother to read this damn blog, but I did indeed talk to him. Although it was very brief, he basically apologized for his behavior and asked me to forgive him. He even said that he hoped one day I would be willing to give him another chance, once he was able to prove to me how much he loved me. It was nice to hear, I admit. I no longer hate him (and yes, a small part of me still loves him!), but I'm in a better place with him not being in my life. Plus, a lot of things I may be--but baby, second place has never been one of them.
Like you, I want to know the $10,000 question: WHY NOW? Did Bi-Sexual Boyfriend and Quilter finally call it quits? What happened? Was it because of anal leakage? I want to know.


Christopher said...

Step away from the Quilter!

I can read minds too Babe, and you're causing me to worry...protect that heart of yours my friend!


Wonder Man said...

I agree with Christopher. Watch out for him from afar

Alex said...

Like the wise old black lady said in one of our favorite movies from the 70's: "Don't worry why the spider's crawling up your leg, just brush it off. If that doesn't work, get out the flick gun and blast her!"