Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just wanted to share a picture of my two very best friends in the entire world--Alex and Paul. I love you guys!


Lady Lumps said...

Cute boys: Chocolate & Vanilla !

Vanilla looks H-O-T! eyes make my thighs get all sweaty just looking at him...I may have to print this pic out! Hope the printer doesn't melt from all of his hotness! Mmmm mmm mmm!!

Does he have a man? If yes, is he as hot as him?

Christopher said...

My dear Lady Lumps,

I'm sorry, but Vanilla does have a very handsome latin boyfried. Do feel free to post your pic so I can see what you look like.

Christopher said...

Dang...someone always gotta be trying to get up on my man's tip!

Back off Lady Lumps...or I'll cut you!

Thanks for the kind words Chris!

Alex said...

I wanna see this girlfight tonight...LOL